Project phases

The planning and design of the Cork City Northern Transport project will be progressed in accordance with the TII Project Management Guidelines.

These guidelines detail the processes and procedures for the planning, design, and construction of National Road schemes through eight separate phases (Phase 0 to Phase 7). Under the current appointment, Atkins are responsible for progressing the project through phases 0,1 and 2.

Scope and Pre-Appraisal (Phase 0) For the Cork City Northern Transport project is currently ongoing . The Department of Transport will review the deliverables for Phase 0 and either approve or decline the project to proceed to Concept and Feasibility (Phase 1) as per the Public Spending Code 2019. If approved, The project will then move to Concept and Feasibility (Phase 1). This phase involves developing and investigating in further detail the feasibility of the project. The objectives identified during Phase 1 will be re-evaluated against relevant strategic plans and guidelines. A study area will be defined considering constraints such as environment, existing development, and traffic.

Following the completion of Phase 1, the project will be progressed through Option Selection (Phase 2). In this phase, all relevant physical, environmental, and other constraints will be identified, options will be developed and assessed against the scheme objectives considering the assessment criteria of economy, safety, environment, accessibility and social inclusion, integration, and physical activity. The Preferred option will be identified as the outcome of this assessment.

Phases Overview

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